Protected Areas Register

REGISTER of Protected Areas (PAR)


According to the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act (Act 57 of 2003), The Minister must maintain a register called the Register of Protected Areas.

The Register must:

  • contain a list of all protected areas;
  • indicate the kind of protected area in each case; and
  • contain any other information determined by the Minister.

In 2012 a multi-user spatial database on Protected Areas was developed. The Register of Protected Areas was developed for reporting and mapping purposes of PROTECTED and CONSERVATION AREAS which are included in this database.

All legally declared Protected Areas can be searched and viewed through the use of the Protected Areas Register (PAR) Interactive Map.

The database is called the Protected and Conservation Areas database (PACA) and comprises of all data required for the Register of Protected Areas as well as data on Conservation Areas (areas responsibly managed for biodiversity conservation but not legally declared as protected areas).

This map service shows the various types of PROTECTED AREAS and CONSERVATION AREAS in South Africa.

Users can generate reports and statistics by following the PAR Report Creator link in the green bar of the PAR Interactive Map.