Directorate: Enterprise Geospatial Information Management (EGIM)

Our objectives / purpose:

  • To provide a one-stop portal/entry point for Environmental Geospatial data and products, maintained and updated by the DEA as per strategic responsibilities;
  • Provide Geo-referenced environmental data sets for projects with a specific focus and for which DEA act as custodian;
  • To create map services/viewers and make them publicly available.
  • To provide this services to the Department’s national and international environmental and sustainable development mandates.



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Meet the EGIM Team:

Name Designation GIS Functions Landline E-Mail
Marlanie Moodley Director: EGIM GIS Dir. Enterprise Geospatial Info. Management; Map Services 012 399 8916
Deon Marais Chief GIS Professional GIS Systems Management and ArcGIS Software 012 399 9295
Dr Rudi Pretorius Chief GIS Professional GIS Screening Tool; Online Map Services 012 399 9299
Lisa Pretorius Architect Production GIS Systems; EGIS website 012 399 9301
Cecily vd Berg
GIS Professional
GIS Cartography; GIS Day and Forum
012 399 8849
Lenette Tshikovhi
Control GIS Technician
Data Distribution;
012 339 9298
Kabelo Mhlanga
GIS Technician
Data Maintenance;
Renewable Energy
012 339 9297
Christopher Thela
GIS Technician Data Maintenance; GIS Software 012 339 9296