Directorate: Enterprise Geospatial Information Management (EGIM)

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Our objectives / purpose:

  To provide a one-stop portal/entry point for Environmental Geospatial data and products, maintained and updated by the DFFE as per strategic responsibilities;

  Provide Geo-referenced environmental data sets for projects with a specific focus and for which DFFE act as custodian;

  To create map services/viewers and make them publicly available.

 To provide this services to the Department’s national and international environmental and sustainable development mandates.



Area of Support E-mail
PACA Queries
National Web Based Environmental Screening Tool
Oceans and Coast Queries
E-GIS Website support


Meet the EGIM Team:

Name Designation GIS Functions Landline E-Mail
Marlanie Moodley Director: EGIM Director: Spatial Information Management (SIM) 012 399 8916
Deon Marais Chief GIS Professional GIS Systems Management and ArcGIS Software 012 399 9295
Zakariyyaa Oumar Chief GIS Professional GIS Operations and Data Management 012 399 9293
Lisa Pretorius Architect Production GIS Systems; EGIS website 012 399 9301
Cecily vd Berg
GIS Professional
GIS Cartography; GIS Day and GIS Forum
012 399 8849
Lenette Tshikovhi
Control GIS Technician
Data Maintenance and Distribution
Protected & Conservation Areas data
012 339 9298
Kabelo Mhlanga
GIS Technician
Data Maintenance;
Renewable Energy
012 339 9297
Christopher Thela
GIS Technician Data Maintenance 012 339 9296