GIS Day 2016

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GIS day 2016: 14-15 November

GIS – A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities

Day 1: 14 November - Workshops


The workshops topics were:

  • “GIS & Spatial benefits” – hosted Marlanie Moodley (DEA);

  • “GIS Suite of products - ESRI apps for the office and Field – hosted by Ms L Botha & Ms G Mitchell (ESRI)

  • “Environmental Sector Portal” hosted by Mr Julian Inskip (ESRI).


Day2: 15 November - Full day seminar

Things your Data didn't tell you Mr Fraizel Mohammed (Statssa)
Spatially Enabled Business Workflows Mr Mark Holler (Hexagon)
GIS in the National Biodiversity Assessment Ms Heather Terrapon
Environmental Sector Portal Ms Marlanie Moodley
Data or Solutions - Which one do you need? Mr Norman Banks; Ms Nyasha Mureriwa; Mr Craig Mahlasi