GIS Day 2015

GIS day 2015: 28-29 November

GIS – Cutting through boundaries Day 1:

Day 1, 28 October, consisted of 3 independent workshops made available to staff DEA and Statutory bodies only. The aim of these workshops were to make GIS related learning opportunities available by offering information sessions on topics with high interest levels. These workshops were hosted by invited presenters who are rich in knowledge in specific areas of expertise.

The workshops offered were:

  • “Statistical data in Supercross integrated with GIS” – hosted by Dr Arul Naidoo (STATSSA);

  • “The Art of Map Communication” – hosted by Annette Dethioux and Dorette Jacobs (DWAS)

  • “ArcGIS Online” hosted by Rudolf de Munnik (ESRI-SA).

Dr Naidoo demonstrated how the Supercross program made statistical information available and how the data could be integrated with a GIS. The art of map communication offered guidance into the creation of cartographical products. ArcGIS online offered valuable information regarding the publication of maps through on-line map services.

On average 64 people attended the workshops on the first day of which 7 were PLATO registered.