GIS day 2014

GIS day 2014: 17-18 November

Theme: Involve, Ignite, Inspire

The Directorate Enterprise Geo-spatial Information Management within the Environmental Advisory Services Branch, went all out to create awareness on Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The GIS Day celebrated at Environment House, Pretoria on 17 – 18 November 2014 is said to have grown in reputation and capacity in the 5 years of its existence. Held at the Environment House, the theme of the event was GIS is Green. It aimed at demonstrating how GIS could contribute to green economy and sustainable development. The first day’s programme consisted of theme based workshops offered to DEA and statutory bodies that provided training to 70 people. The workshops covered valuable topics such as Land cover data of South Africa; GPS co-ordinates; ArcGIS on-line and ArcGIS off-line.

On the second day, a full day seminar was held and was officially opened by the Deputy Director-General: Environmental Advisory Services, Mr Alf Wills. A full programme filled with internal and external presentations opened the platform to topics such as Birds and Aircraft – conflict or co-existence by Airport Companies South Africa; GIS in Transfrontier Conservation by Peace Parks Foundation and Using GIS in site suitability for aquaculture: Green economy solutions by the Agricultural Research Council.

The event was once again registered on the company ESRI International’s GIS day website and at the time of registration was the first event registered for South Africa. The event saw the DEA hosting another “2 cpd point” PLATO accredited event, which means that all delegates, registered with the professional registration body PLATO, would be able to obtain CPD points, which is necessary to assist in maintaining their professional registration.