Gauteng Provincial Environmental Management Framework (GPEMF) Standard

Government Gazette 41473, Notice 164 of 2 March 2018: Publication of the GPEMF Standard for Implementation.

Adoption of the GPEMF Standard and exclusion of associated activities from the requirement to obtain environmental authorisation in terms of section 24(2)(d) and 24(10)(a), read with section 24(10)(d), of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998, with effective date of 

2 May 2018 (60 days from date of publication in the Gazette).


Downloadable Data

The following data (shapefiles) is available for download.

Zone 1 - contains spatial data for the GPEMF Urban Development Zone.

Zone 5 - contains spatial data for the GPEMF Industrial and Large Commercial Focus Zone.

Downloadable documents

Document Description Upload Data Format File Size
Government Gazette Gazette 41473, Notice 164 Gazetted 02 March 2018 21KB
Printable Map GP EMF, Zone 1 and 5 02 March 2018 381KB
Printable Map GP EMF, Zone 1 02 March 2018 373KB
Printable Map GP Zone 5 02 March 2018 317KB
Document Frequently Asked Questions 02 March 2018 594KB
Document Final Section B Environmental Management Zones 03 May 2017 368KB